Dell EMC World: Key Ideas from the Show

By Jennifer Trotter | May 11, 2017 4:37:09 PM

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This week our team is at Dell EMC World. As a partner of Dell EMC, we work to bring customers innovative, digital transformation projects that help them reduce risk, improve efficiency and increase revenue.

And that’s been echoed at this years event. Every attendee and presentation is focused on transformation and how to be extraordinary. Every business is now a tech business and work isn’t a place, it’s an activity.

Here are a few quotes from the show that we agree with or found amusing!

  • CEO Michael Dell lamented the price of hosting business materials in the public cloud at Dell EMC World: "If you have a public cloud first-and-only strategy, I think you will find yourself uncompetitive in the long term,” he said, according to the Austin American-Statesman.
  • "Technology is a key enabler for every growth strategy and every productivity initiative," Dell said, and it requires strategies around IoT, cloud, and perhaps most importantly, security. IoT, Dell said allows companies to use the vast amounts of data they generate to design better products, improve operations and customer experience.”
  • Businesses have data centers full of infrastructure that's been deployed over the last couple of decades, and before they can successfully carry out a cloud strategy, those data centers need to be modernized. "Done right, the savings from that IT transformation can actually fund your move to digital and cloud… Dell also touted the companies refreshed storage portfolio, converged and hyper-converged products, data protection line and open networking portfolio, giving customers "more choice and more flexibility as you move to the software-defined data center," he said. (Source: CRN). Read more about data protection in a bimodal, hybrid world or about the real cost of storage.
  • “Everyone wants to be Uber, not Uber’d.”
  • “Cloud is not a place, it’s a platform.” At Union, we’ve been saying that all along. Cloud is a model not a place, and every business will exploit it in a different way. It’s important to architect the right service model to meet your unique business goals.
  • Dell said, “…You need a security [strategy], that’s the highest priority of all.”

Dell announced new data backup and protection solutions that enable customers to ensure data is secure, backed up and protected against disasters and outages. Dell said in its press release:

“Efficient data protection is not easy to accomplish with many of today's solutions, where there is often complexity in the setup or the need to manage multiple point solutions for different applications, platforms or data silos. Often, there are multiple products to manage (e.g., backup software, backup servers, search servers and multiple vendors), which can result in lengthy and time-consuming deployments, siloed data protection environments and complex and expensive management.”

Interested in Dell EMC’s announcement and want help with your data protection? Union can help. Download this whitepaper to see how.

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