Where to Run Existing Workloads: Public or Private Cloud?

By Rick Russ | Jul 12, 2017 11:19:00 AM

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“Cloud first” is a commonly uttered mantra that you may have adopted or been asked to adopt. That’s fine for cloud native apps, but what about existing applications that weren’t born in the cloud? Is a “cloud first” policy appropriate for them? If yes, why and what is that decision based upon? What business outcomes will you achieve, and how will migrating an existing service to the public cloud make it better or cheaper to run?

Let’s not assume that running existing services in the public cloud will always be cheaper than hosting those services in house. That would be a dangerous and potentially costly assumption to make.

Most organisations don’t have an internal IaaS model or the financial data to properly understand and articulate the cost of providing infrastructure to an IT service. It is therefore difficult to understand what is cheaper – the existing infrastructure or public cloud. In fact, what it costs to run your existing services today isn’t the only financial consideration because those services could be optimised to run either in a public cloud or a transformed private cloud infrastructure for less.

It is critical to identify the suitability of a workload to run in a public cloud and the cost of doing so versus running it in an optimised private cloud. Once you understand that you can commence a transformation programme.

Download the short paper that helps you determine which existing IT workloads should go to the public cloud and which should be consolidated onto a transformed private cloud infrastructure.

This paper is written for CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and Heads of Infrastructure that are tasked with improving service availability, driving down costs to increase profitability, reducing complexity and improving the user experience.

Where to run existing workloads: public or private cloud


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