Why your next backup application is no backup application

By Jason Rabbetts | Sep 9, 2016 5:00:36 PM


Backup is broken – both EMC and Gartner agree on this point. Their thinking is that infrastructure should now protect itself using built in intelligence – all part of the software defined datacentre strategy for the new bimodal hybrid cloud world.

In our latest whitepaper, we explore this concept by taking you through the construct of a robust data protection strategy and how new technologies such as copy data virtualisation and object storage may change the way you protect data forever. Quite possibly, your next backup application is no backup application.

Data protection is an insurance policy. Certain processes, often transparent to the data owner, are put in place to protect data from the threat of loss or corruption. These threats can be manifold in nature – user or operator error, system failure, datacentre loss, malicious intent or degenerative
bugs. The speed to recover, or the point in time from when to recover, will vary based on the data type and how critical the application is to the business.

As data grows so too does the cost of protecting it. It’s a capacity thing. 74% of organisations expect to spend more on data storage this year than they did last year, and so the problem is getting bigger, according to research by IDC. They estimate $931 million was spent on data protection software alone in 2015.

Data Protection in a Bimodal, Hybrid World: Why your next backup application is no backup application

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